We are not stuck in the past and have a very good sense of what continues to move the needle. The lazy SEO webmaster who has been integrating SEO campaigns for 5-10 years might assume that certain tactics like modifying meta descriptions and title tags and optimizing subsequent on-page schema elements is whats generating results for clients when in fact, that might not be the case at all.

Google is writing hundreds of new mini-algorithms that are custom catered towards ‘improving results’ for many different types of search queries. It can be very difficult to divulge whether or not your tactics are improving the bottom line or not.

One thing is for certain: if you pay attention to the sites that have continued to climb in search prominence since 2013, almost all of them have a cohesive content production engine that is surfacing expert content and helping users with polished design and positive UX.

Big Fork Content focuses its efforts in refining that process for businesses. We do many of the same initiatives your traditional SEO agency might integrate, but we tie everything back to content. Unlike other companies, you won’t find us sending monthly client reports that barely touch the surface of what has been done that month and what has been accomplished. You’ll always know how things are going, because we’ll be planning and executing content initiatives alongside your company.