The term ‘Content Marketing’ is quite polluted, with offerings from a variety of spectrums. Today we see many different roles, from Social Media gurus all the way through to seasoned PR professionals, executing content marketing .

At Big Fork Content, we realize that Content Marketing is a topical framework we have to live inside of, but we feel our offering is quite unique because we actually know why content ranks in Google (to the best of our discernible ability). When we overhaul and/or help create a content plan, we carefully consider the impact of search traffic, as it’s generally the single CORE driver of success for many online businesses.

We have been running daily search queries, monitoring terms since 2005, and assessing the ranking ability of content. We also have a very firm understanding of what mechanisms are working today and what is on the way out in terms of prominence.

We see signs that a great Content Experience can actually pull rank, i.e. pages that are completely devoid of traditional SEO metrics can rank in the top 10 in Google.

We believe companies should consider ‘manipulating’ their customers overall happiness as it relates to their Content, more so than using shortcuts and tricks that might send a site to the top (or bottom) of the search engines.